My Story

Hi, im Sophie. It is my mission to help mums dress their babies in something a little bit different! 

It all started when i was pregnant with Teddy (which i didn't know his sex at the time, we kept it a surprise) i was petrified of having a boy for one reason only... how would i dress him!! We shopped high and low and browsed all the shops and i just didn't like anything! Boys i found were always covered in tractors, dinosaurs or aeroplanes, and it just wasn't me! I then come across a little online boutique and fell in love, it was me all over and i no longer feared having a boy instead was excited! 

I looked into the style and developed a craze for dressing my baby boy and that's how The Small Wardrobe developed - everyone needed to know there is more to childrens clothing than dinosaurs, Fairies, Rainbows and Sharks and although its cute its just not everyones cup of Tea.

We have now added embroidery to our collection as your will soon learn although Spanish/Traditional is just out of this world, they can only wear it for so long as most of the brands stop at 4yrs. So we have some gorgeous children pieces in for when they are a little too big for spanish but not ready for the jeans and we've added embroidery options to still give it that wow factor and make make your babies look extra smart and cute at the same time.

My goal is to now get the word out there and that they're places to shop for your babies to get what's missing off the high street. Beautiful, classy, head turning childrens clothing.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far and helped us get the word out there. Here's to no more stressed mums buying boring clothes for their babies! 


Sophie x